Reuse Central

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on February 2, 2016

Keep an eye out for PRC’s newest green initiative, Reuse Central!  Reuse Central is a technology platform that connects businesses and nonprofits so needed materials can have a second life doing social good rather than ending up in a landfill.  Reuse Central leverages technologies originally developed for Reuse Retail (a solution to manage nonstandard inventory which was developed by Construction Junction and the Reuse Technology Collaborative).

When companies and organizations remodel, upgrade, move, or go through their storage closets, they often turn up large amounts of quality material that they don’t need. These include, but are not limited to: office furniture, laptops, flooring, building materials, clothing, and much more. Many times, these materials are simply put in the dumpster and sent to local landfills.

On the flip side, local nonprofits often need quality materials to fulfill their missions to improve the Pittsburgh and global community. Without these materials nonprofits are limited in their ability to pursue their mission.

Reuse Central is designed to close that gap. By connecting the region’s corporations with local nonprofits, this program is a win-win. Nonprofits get the materials they need to do the most good while corporations support their local communities, preserve resources, and save on costly hauling fees. We’re currently in the process of developing a pilot program with both corporations and nonprofits. Look for updates in the coming months!


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