PRC’s Fall Workshops!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on September 17, 2018

Fall is the perfect time to hit the books and learn new skills. Join PRC for a Conservation Workshop to learn how to conserve water with a rain barrel, turn leaves and food scraps into valuable compost or learn the ins and outs of how to effectively recycle at home. Check the schedule below to find a workshop that works for you!

Learn more about all of PRC’s Conservation Workshops here! Email Nancy at for workshops in Allegheny County and email Diana at for workshops in Delaware County


Attend PRC’s Recycling Awareness Workshop and get answers to some of the many questions surrounding recycling in southwestern PA. Learn about questions like: Should I leave the lids on or off? How do I recycle electronics? What types of plastics are accepted in my curbside recycling program?

Course fee includes 60 minutes of instruction plus a 32-gallon recycling. Click on the event links above to find more information about pricing and bins.  Pre-registration is required.


Not sure what to do with your kitchen, garden and yard scraps? Turn them into a natural fertilizer without the outside compost bin through vermicomposting! PRC’s Vermicomposting Workshop.

This workshop will cover the benefits and importance of composting; all participants will go home with a complete, ready-to-use vermiculture system, knowing how to house, feed, harvest and care for your own worms!

Cost: $70 per person ($75 per couple) and includes one worm composting box with worms.  Pre-registration is required.