Go Green With Compost!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on January 30, 2017

Make this spring your greenest ever!

This spring, PRC will be offering numerous opportunities to learn all about backyard composting and watershed protection/rain water harvesting.

One of the simplest yet significant tasks we can participate in is greening our everyday lifestyle. There is so much that one can do in and around the home to reduce our impact on the environment ranging from reducing junk mail to installing a rain garden. If everyone pitches in and does their part we can make a big difference in reducing our waste and carbon footprints!

prc-compost-workshop-participantOne of the best ways to reduce your waste footprint is to compost at your home. Composting reduces the amount of material in the waste stream AND allows us to return organic matter back to the earth.

Soil is composed of minerals, water, air,  and 4-7 percent organic matter. This 4-7 percent of organic matter is what supports life on this planet – without it we would not be able to exist! (That’s compost!) By turning your household organic matter into compost, you are giving back to the soil AND giving your garden a boost! Composting creates a free, rich, humus-like soil amendment for our garden beds that assists our gardening practices in many ways.

Join us at PRC’s Backyard Composting Workshops to learn about the importance and benefits of composting, the process, setting up a compost pile*, proper maintenance, and ways of using finished compost. Your plants will thank you!

*Workshops participants receive a rodent-proof, 82-gallon backyard FreeGarden EARTH compost bin.