Go Green this Summer!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on May 15, 2017

Summer is just around the corner! As we move closer to warmer temperature, beach vacations, and barbecues, we can make a few small changes to go green all season long!

PRC’s Tips for a Green Summer Season

Come to one of PRC’s collection events. Clear out your garage/shed/closet of household hazardous waste like paint, auto fluids, cleaners, pesticides, and more at one of our Household Chemical Collections! Bring your old TVs, electronics, appliances, tires, batteries, light bulbs and more to our Hard-to-Recycle Collections! PRC works hard to ensure that these materials are responsibly handled and recycled, instead of ending up in our waterways or illegally dumped on roadsides. See a complete schedule of our 2017 collection events here.

Turn down your air conditioning! According to National Geographic, the country’s air conditioner use “…results in an average of about 100 million tons of CO2 emissions from power plants every year.” More often than not, we crank our A/C much higher than necessary to cool off. Turn your A/C up a few degrees to stay cool without breaking the bank! Practice even more energy saving techniques, like turning off your A/C when no one is home, circulating your air with fans, and utilizing your open windows during chilly mornings and evenings!

Do your shopping at local farmer’s markets. By buying locally, you are supporting local farms, boosting the local economy, and reducing the carbon footprint of your food! Grocery store food often travels hundreds or even thousands of miles to get to your plate and can be packaged in non-recyclable materials. (You are also sure to get the best tasting fruits and vegetables since they are being harvested closer to peak ripeness!) If you live in Newtown Square, don’t miss PRC’s Farmers’ Market all every Wednesday until September 27! Find your nearest farmers markets here.



Host green BBQs! Summer is the perfect time to grill all that local produce with your friends and family! When hosting, use durable plates, cups, and silverware to avoid the single-use variety.

Save water this summer! Spring and summer can bring periods of heavy rain…and periods of no rain at all. Harness the rain, fight stormwater runoff and protect your local drinking water sources by installing rain barrels and rain gardens with PRC. During periods of drought use water from your rain barrels to water your garden and be sure to water in the morning or evening when the cooler temperatures allow the plants to take in more water (as much water evaporates right off the ground during the hotter parts of the day!). Avoid watering your lawn except when absolutely necessary.



Take the 2-mile challenge! Pennsylvania has beautiful spring and summer weather. Take advantage of it by walking to destinations within 2 miles. According to the EPA, the average passenger vehicle emits 4.7 metric tons of CO2 every year! Consider using bicycles or public transportation for longer trips to avoid these emissions while getting extra exercise!

Purchase carbon offsets. Whether you drive or fly, a lot of greenhouse gases are being emitted. Sometimes there is just no way around your travel plans, but you can help do your part for the environment by purchasing carbon offsets. By purchasing carbon offsets, you are helping to fund conservation projects being done to counter the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

Cool down with some Zero Waste/DIY treats! Let’s face it, summer has the best treats, but always going out for ice cream or buying individually packaged popsicles is a wasteful way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try making DIY popsicles or homemade ice cream! If and when you go out for ice cream, always get it in a cone instead of using single-use spoons or cups!

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