Have a Green Valentine’s Day!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on February 2, 2017

Whether we have someone to share it with or not, Valentine’s Day is coming! Make the earth your sweetheart this year (and every year!) by making sure your Day of Love celebrations are eco-friendly!


  1. Give the gift of experience. Experience gifts like cooking or dancing classes, museum tickets, conservation workshop registrations, or passes to a zipline course will bring you closer together and is zero waste! To earn extra brownie points, make a donation to a worthy non-profit. (We’ve got one in mind…)
  2. Make it yourself. Thoughtful homemade gifts like baked goods, homemade lotion, knitted scarves, hot chocolate mix show that you care while cutting down packaging waste and saving you money! (Note: While controversial, regifting is also zero waste!)
  3. Green and Sweet. Unfortunately the chocolate industry do not always have the best environmental or ethical standards. Make sure that you’re supporting sustainable choices by purchasing fair-trade and rainforest friendly products. While you’re at it, make sure your chocolates are packaged in reusable or recyclable packaging!
  4. Gifts that keeps on giving. Give durable and lasting products that will be useful to your sweetheart for years to come instead of giving novel gifts that will only become clutter. This also means that we support potted plants over cut flowers, which will only last for a few days.


  1. Dine in. Show your sweetheart that you care by making the romantic dinner at home! Not only will you save money, but you’ll be able to choose organic, local, and package-free options. Make sure you serve on durable plates with reusable napkins!
  2. Think of Bessie. “A vegan or vegetarian diet is associated with only half the cropland demand, grazing intensity and overall biomass harvest of comparable meat-based human diets.” [source] Fight climate change by opting for the classic spaghetti and red sauce over filet mignon.
  3. Drink green. Make sure you choose organic and sustainably produced wine for your romantic dinner. Pennsylvania ranks 7th in the country for wine productions, meaning you can support local farmers and wineries with a single pour!
  4. Go local. If you do dine out, support local businesses. Locally owned business can make more local purchases, which require less transportation cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions! Make sure you request no single-use materials while there! (No straws, no single use to-go ware, and durable plates and cutlery!)


  1. Set the mood. Makes sure that your candles are made of materials like soybeans or beeswax with cotton wicks. Paraffin wax and artificial scents will fill the room with light…and dangerous polycyclic hydrocarbons. Not romantic at all.
  2. Avoid singing cards. These cards, while indisputably hilarious, are not worth the waste! They should not go into the recycling bin or the trash can because they contain a battery and circuits. Avoid the headache, avoid the ewaste and choose paper cards or e-cards.


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