Lens on Litter 2018

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on September 2, 2018

PRC invites Pennsylvanians of all ages to document the litter in their lives to help raise awareness about this issue. Fall is the perfect time to snap your photos. Take pictures while you’re out on a walk, on your way to work or school, or during fall festivals!

Submit your photos to the Gene Capaldi Lens on Litter Photo Contest for a chance to win up to $1,000!

The Gene Capaldi Lens on Litter Photo Contest is a statewide competition to find the best (worst) examples of litter in Pennsylvania. Take a picture of litter in your neighborhood, park, school, city or anywhere in PA and submit it to PRC! (Of course, after you snap the shot we encourage you to clean up that litter!) These photos should help to heighten litter consciousness by showing how litter threatens public health and safety, scenic beauty, property values, the environment, pets and wildlife.

Winning shots will win cash prizes up to $1,000! Photos will be judged on criteria such as originality, anti-litter message, quality and more. Winning photos will be displayed at the Environmental Living Center in Ridley Creek State Park, Delaware County.

PRC will be accepting photo submissions until October 31, 2018! Don’t wait, snap your photos now to help us raise awareness about litter in Pennsylvania and for a chance to win! Click here to find more complete contest rules

2017 Lens on Litter Winners

Since 1984 PRC has invited all Pennsylvanians to call attention to the litter problem in communities across the Commonwealth through the Lens on Litter Photo Contest. Since the inception of the Contest, over 4,000 photos have been submitted over the years and comprise a “Rogue’s Galley” of the Litterbug at work. These photos show us how much work there is to be done to combating the litter problem. From our parks and playgrounds, to our neighborhoods streets and farms, litter is an issue that we all face.

Litter poses huge threats to our environment and wildlife, stunting plant growth and clogging up waterways. Millions of birds, fish, and other animals die as a result of litter every year, as little can resemble a food source, or entangle both terrestrial and aquatic animals. Litter also poses safety risks to the people and visitors of Pennsylvania. Litter along our roadways cause traffic accidents and  litter in our communities can cut or injure our children and pets. Accumulated litter can pose fire hazards, and can serve as breeding grounds for potentially dangerous bacteria and vermin. Every year PennDOT spends millions of taxpayer dollars to clean up litter along our roadways; in our communities, litter lowers property values.

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