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Posted by: Teresa Bradley on October 11, 2018

PRC has been actively assisting community partners with waste related analysis and planning efforts for many years. These mission driven services are focused on developing strategies to maximize waste diversion and minimize waste related expenses for clients ranging from local governments to some of Western Pennsylvania’s largest corporations. Currently managed by our Zero Waste Pennsylvania team, PRC continues to push the boundaries of recycling, composting and reuse in diverse settings.

In 2016, PRC was awarded a contract for “Waste Audit, Zero Waste and Solid Waste Consulting Services” by Allegheny County. This contract was based on our successful response to an RFP let by the County in support of their efforts to minimize waste across all aspects of their operations. Under this contract PRC has conducted formal waste audits in several of the County’s largest facilities and has successfully guided the implementation of strategies which have resulted in significant increases in waste diversion rates and reductions in waste related expenses.

A key feature of this RFP and subsequent contract is its transferability to other units of government in Pennsylvania. This “piggy back” clause allows other agencies to engage PRC for the contracted services without the need to duplicate the County’s procurement process. The inclusion of this clause demonstrates the County’s commitment to reducing waste not only within their facilities but across the region.

PRC Waste Audit services include analysis and reporting which can guide decision making to achieve marked improvements in waste avoidance, reduction and diversion. A typical Waste Audit includes a physical sort of waste generated by a building, event or facility. By defining what is being “thrown away” PRC can recommend alternative approaches to maximize recycling and composting as well as identify opportunities to avoid the creation of waste in the first place.

Waste Audit results are shared in a formal report which summarizes the findings of the sort along with recommendations for actions and systems changes tailored to the unique goals of each client.

If interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please complete the form here or contact PRC’s Zero Waste Program by phone at 412-773-7161.  To learn more about our Waste Audit Services click here.

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