Pittsburgh Resident Recycling Bins

In 2018 the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is working to distribute 4,000 recycling bins to residents of the City of Pittsburgh. Increasing recycling rates helps to fight litter, save energy, prevent deforestation, and prevent valuable resources from entering our regions’ landfills!

PRC has currently distributed all bins received this year to residents.  If you wish to be placed on a waiting listing in the event that we are able to restart the program in 2019, make sure you fit the following criteria:

  • Reside within the City of Pittsburgh Limits
  • Reside in a single-family dwelling (properties with over five units are not eligible for this program)

If so, sign up for our Recycling Bin Waiting List

Please note that PRC will be providing guidance about best recycling practices at these events based on PRC’s extensive technical expertise in the recycling industry and is not based solely on City of Pittsburgh policy and recycling guidelines.

Currently City of Pittsburgh residents are instructed to place their recyclables in blue plastic bags in designated recycling collection sites on their biweekly recycling pickup day. However, excess plastic bags cause issues to recycling plants (Materials Recovery Facilities or MRFs), clogging the machinery, reducing efficiency, and placing employees at risk. Using bins reduces the need for these bags and have the ability to increase recycling rates.

By placing your recyclable materials, unbagged, in your new blue recycling bin, you’ll help keep valuable materials out of our landfills! Please continue to place your materials out in your regular pickup location on your regular recycling day.