Audits & Analysis

Our team members at PRC have extensive experience conducting waste characterization studies, technical assistance, identifying purchasing solutions, and maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor while providing excellent service.

PRC excels at writing reports and summarizing data for clients to easily use and share. We are skilled at conveying information clearly, concisely, and accurately.

The audit’s specific objectives will largely determine the waste types and physical locations to be audited. Some examples of audit objectives could be:

* Determine composition and quantities of waste being generated

* Measure effectiveness of existing waste management systems

* Identify opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies

* Collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization strategies

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LEED Waste Stream Audits

PRC has years of experience conducting LEED Waste Stream Audits for new and existing buildings.

PRC will examine the building’s entire ongoing consumables waste stream and make recommendations for a resource recovery plan based upon LEED standards & credits.

During the waste audit, auditors will observe existing disposal, recycling, and waste reduction practices. Disposal and recycling quantities will be benchmarked in order to measure future diversion through:

  • Diversion improvement opportunities
  • Source reduction opportunities & key findings
  • Waste stream audit report & analysis

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