Zero Waste Event Services

A “Zero Waste Event” engages in the Zero Waste philosophy by reducing waste in terms of purchasing, usage and disposal of resources before, during and after an event. The goal of a Zero Waste event is to strive towards 100% diversion of waste from a landfill or incineration endpoint. This involves detailed and systematic planning to ensure all of the material is sustainably sourced and is able to be reused, recycled (sent to be made into new products) or composted (sent to be made into a soil supplement).

Full Service Zero Waste Events

Let the Pennsylvania Resources Council work with your next event by creating a customized Zero Waste Event plan which can be applied. We specialize in reducing the amount of materials going to landfill through green procurement planning, working with vendors, material haulers, on-site recycling/composting management and on-the-ground support. Please reach out to us early so we can plan accordingly. All compostable food service ware requires an order three weeks in advance for events.

Do-It-Yourself Zero Waste Events

Allows your event to rent our recycling and compost bins by small event organizers and community groups through our bin loan program. Perfect for small fundraisers and church gatherings!

Zero Waste Event Management Form

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Zero Waste Event Management Form

Zero Waste Pennsylvania is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council. Thank you for your interest in Pennsylvania Resources Council Zero Waste Event Program. Please submit as much information as possible so that we can prepare a quote that fits your event's needs and greening goals. We will contact you within one week of submitting this form. If your event requires more immediate response, please call us at 412-773-7159.