Recycle Right Anti-Litter Art Piece

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on June 22, 2016

Be on the lookout for a new public art installation launching in Pittsburgh’s Northside designed to help communities fight litter. This installation, entitled “Recycle Right”, is a six-foot tall recycling symbol created from iron rebar, chicken wire, and recyclable litter cleaned up by volunteers from public spaces.

RR in Fineview 2This installation will make its debut on Saturday, June 18th in conjunction with the Fineview Community Picnic. Allegheny CleanWays and PRC will be working with volunteers all summer to clean up litter and fill the art piece with recyclable litter, such as plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. Giving littered recyclables a new life will serve to provoke thought and engage residents and visitors in conversation about the amount of recyclables that become litter as well as the issue of litter in the Northside and throughout Pittsburgh.

“The Recycle Right installation serves to remind Northside residents and visitors about the issues surrounding litter, as well as how much of that litter is actually recyclable,” said Justin Stockdale, PRC’s Regional Director. “When we toss our bottles and cans on the ground we not only pollute our communities, we prevent these materials from becoming new, useful products.”

PRC and ACW worked with community members and local artist, Oreen Cohen, to plan and construct the Recycle Right and are working with community groups and leaders to host the event throughout the Northside. After making its debut in Fineview, keep an eye out for the Recycle Right as it travels around Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhoods. It will be featured in public spaces, vacant lots, community events and more!

RR in Fineview 6“We’re encouraging Northside residents to keep tabs on the Recycle Right, taking pictures and selfies with the piece,” said Samantha Weaver, Northside Project Coordinator with Allegheny CleanWays and current PULSE fellow. “We’ll be offering locally-themed prizes to winners of timely contests revolving around Recycle Right and social media from now until August! Follow and tag Recycle Right on social media with #NorthsideKeepsItClean to enter!”

The Recycle Right art installation is part of Allegheny CleanWays and PRC’s larger “Northside Keeps it Clean” campaign to fight litter and increase recycling in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhoods. This campaign, funded through Buhl Foundation’s One Northside campaign, also featured illegal dumpsite cleanups, residential recycling bin provision, in-school educational programs, and litter cleanup support. The Recycle Right installation was inspired by the Litter Letters, a project focused on raising awareness of and fighting litter, which boasts a number of installations across the nation. This project was funded through the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE) as part of their work to cultivate young leaders to transform Pittsburgh and materials were generously donated by the East Liberty Home Depot.

For more information, contact the Pennsylvania Resources Council at 412-488-7490 ext. 105 or click here. Follow the Recycle Right at @RecycleRightPGH.


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