Recycling Boosts PA Economy

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on June 27, 2017

A new report from the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC) and the IHS Markit (IHS) has outlined the specific economic benefits that recycling brings to Pennsylvania.

While most of the public is aware that recycling benefits the local and global environment, RMC and the IHS conducted an 18 month study to document and demonstrate the significant positive impact on Pennsylvania’s environment.

From the time that an item is placed into a recycling bin to the time it becomes a new product the recycling industry has the following impact:

  • 6,373 companies are directly involved in the recycling process in Pennsylvania which employ over 66,000 people.
    • This industry stimulates almost 110,000 “indirect and induced jobs.
  • Every job related to recycling in Pennsylvania supports an additional 1.7 jobs.
  • Pennsylvnaia’s recycling industry generated $1.7 billion in state/local taxes and an another $2.7 billion in federal taxes.

“We are pleased to release the results of the study, showing that recycling is not only sound environmental practice, but contributes to the economic needs of our families, communities, state, and country, said Robert Bylone, Executive Director, RMC.”

Find the full report and results of the study here.

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