Shrink Your Business’ Waste

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on August 16, 2017

From Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, PRC’s Zero Waste team works hard to divert waste from dozens of Pennsylvania businesses.

ZWPA begins with a waste characterization study, which identifies how much waste a business produces and what is in that waste. From plastic forks from the cafeteria to scratch paper from employee desks, ZWPA calculates what and how much waste is being generated. ZWPA then works with you to find in-house technical solutions as well as purchasing solutions to increase your company’s waste diversion rates. Waste diversion rates include reducing waste generation and increasing the amount of recycling and compost diverted from becoming trash.

Reducing waste output and increasing recycling diversion rates help conserve natural resources as well as save companies financial resources in the form of waste hauling costs.

From 2014 to 2017, ZWPA worked with the Allegheny County Office Building to identify low cost solutions and reduce their waste footprint. In less than one year ZWPA helped the County Office Building TRIPLE their waste diversion rates. Kathleen Hrabovsky, the county’s Sustainability Manager, commented positively on PRC’s waste audit program: “The PRC staff is knowledgeable and professional in working with all members of our staff to apply the organization’s waste assessment and auditing system. PRC staff validates the type and quantity of recycling and landfill waste by sorting the waste into categories, weighing the various categories, and assessing the overall quantity in order to measure our overall diversion rate. We could not measure and track our success without PRC.”

Learn more about waste audits and find more information about how your business can reduce waste here or by calling (412)-773-7161!

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