Students Monitoring Streams

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on May 25, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to learn about the planet!

PRC’s education team works with the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative to teach students about water quality and show them how to test the health of their local waterways using biology and chemistry. In the classroom, students learn about watersheds and natural indicators of a healthy waterways. In the field, students test levels of oxygen, potassium, and nitrogen and search for macro-invertebrates like mayfly nymphs, aquatic flies, and more!

PRC recently hosted students from the South East Delco at the John Heinz Nature Refuge. Our education team helped students find and identify aquatic flies, beetles, and many other macro-invertebrates indicating a fairly healthy aquatic ecosystem!

In addition to our stream programs, PRC offers in-school education programs across the state on topics ranging from recycling, litter, watersheds, wildlife and more! Click here to learn more about educational opportunities for your school!

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