Become a Stream Smart Property!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on March 13, 2018

PRC is inviting any property owner in the Darby and Cobbs Creek Watersheds to participate in the Stream Smart Stormwater House Call program!

Stream Smart properties will receive information about stormwater pollution and a personalized stormwater audit of their property free of charge. This audit will identify changes property owners can take to reduce stormwater runoff leaving their property. Interested property owners will be assisted with guidance from the partner organizations on installing demonstration “best management practices” on their property such as rain barrels, rain gardens, or riparian plants.

Property owners can email Jayne Young at or click here for more information and to register their property!

The Stream Smart Stormwater House Call program creates avenues for improved stormwater management on private property in a densely urbanized watershed where large restoration projects are limited. All reaches of streams in the Darby and Cobbs Creek Watershed have been designated as impaired by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on the 303 (d) list.

The impairments are mostly due to stormwater related impacts and urban runoff. The watershed is heavily developed, and the lower portions of the watershed are densely urbanized. Some of the most intensely developed areas in Pennsylvania are located within the watershed, with upwards of 80% impervious cover in these locations.

In this region, the average property size is .25 acres. The average impervious coverage for residential properties is 38%. That translates into 4,138 ft2 of impervious surface in need of modification to control runoff. If this region experiences an average rainfall of 42 inches or 310.35 gallons of run off this program has the potential to divert 13,034 gallons of run off per property!

These small, feasible efforts will have a big impact for years to come!

Email Jayne Young at  or click here for more information and to register for the Stream Smart House Call program.