Stream Stewards Program Extended!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on August 25, 2016

PRC, in partnership with the Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative (EDCSC), was recently awarded a generous education grant from Boeing.  The grant will allow PRC and EDCSC to continue the successful Stream Stewards program, which was piloted in 2014 through prior Boeing support.

“Boeing is proud to support the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s Stream Stewards Program. The hands-on environmental education experiences provided in the Darby-Cobbs Watershed are great way to bring students out of the classroom and into the community to learn about energy efficiency, reducing impact on the environment and conservation.” according to Peggy Sweeney, Community Investor with Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship

2VwjaetThis program provides free, hands on, innovative, and impactful science education to middle school and high school students in Delaware County.  It features a multi-sessions education experience that combines classroom lessons with real-world science through field trips to local streams. Classroom sessions focus on the water cycle and freshwater ecology and how they are impacted by non-point source pollution. Students then travel outside to conduct water testing with trained environmental scientists where they conduct water chemistry tests and sample the stream for macroinvertebrates.  This field experience offers concrete evidence of the relationship between water quality and aquatic life and connects students to the natural world.

The Stream Stewards program improves students’ understanding of how their daily actions impact the environment, encouraging participants to adopt practices that protect Pennsylvania’s water quality!

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