PRC’s Summer Workshops!

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on July 3, 2017

PRC has announced its Summer 2017 schedule of environmental workshops to take place in Allegheny County.  By attending a PRC workshop, participants can learn how to conserve water with a rain barrel, turn leaves and food scraps into valuable compost or deal with exposure to common chemicals, carcinogens and toxins in the environment.

To register for a PRC workshop click here  or call 412-488-7490 x247.


Discover how to harvest rainwater from your roof, store it in a barrel and use it in the landscape.  Learn about problems associated with stormwater runoff, ways to conserve water in your home, and techniques to reduce your contribution to watershed pollution.

Course fee includes 90 minutes of instruction plus a FreeGarden RAIN 55-gallon easy-to-install rain barrel.

Cost:  $80 per person ($85 per couple) and includes one rain barrel.  Pre-registration is required.


Learn to turn kitchen scraps – as well as leaves, garden and yard debris – into a natural homemade compost for your lawns and gardens.  You’ll receive a composting bin at class.

This workshop thoroughly covers the importance and benefits of composting, including the overall process, methods for setting up a compost pile, proper maintenance and ways to use finished compost.  Participants receive a FreeGarden EARTH Compost Bin, which features an 82-gallon capacity ideal for both urban and suburban settings.

Cost: $70 per person ($75 per couple) and includes a composting bin.  Pre-registration is required.


Take action concerning the issue of toxins in the environment by discovering how to combat exposure to chemicals, carcinogens and toxins.  At this workshop you’ll learn what to look out for and how to find alternative options to reduce everyday exposure.

During the session, you’ll learn how to make your own cleaning products and personal care products – and then take home a green cleaning starter kit at the conclusion of the class.

Cost: $30 per person ($35 per couple) and includes a non-toxic cleaning kit.  Pre-registration is required.