Zero Waste at the 3 Rivers Arts Fest

Posted by: Mary Kate Ranii on June 1, 2018

PRC’s Zero Waste Pennsylvania program works with events and businesses throughout Western Pennsylvania to help cut their waste footprint and environmental impact.

Since 2009, PRC has partnered with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to fight was at the Three Rivers Arts Festival! The Three Rivers Arts Festival is Pittsburgh’s 10-day celebration of music, art, food, and community. Follow the steps below to enjoy the festival WHILE going green!

Keep an Eye out for Compostables!

All of the food vendors at the Three Rivers Arts Festival will be using primarily compostable materials to serve their delicious treats! That means that your cups, forks, paper boats, straws and food scraps can be COMPOSTED instead of going in the trash.

These materials, even though they may feel like plastic, are made out of special materials which allow them to break down back into soil. (When in doubt as a member of our GREEN TEAM).

Members of PRC’s GREEN Team will be out at the Festival every day educating participants about what materials go in the compost bin, recycle bin, and landfill bin, not to mention physically sorting the materials and keeping Point State Park litter free!

Join us at the Zero Waste Booth (under the green tent) to learn more about how to fight waste at the Festival and at home! Also visit our Zero Waste Stations throughout the Festival to divert your materials to be composted or recycled.

Keeping food out of the landfill. PRC and the Festival are partnering with our friends at 412 Food Rescue to donate any excess meals/food. Back of house food scraps will be collected and composted!

Bring Your Water Bottle (and other reusables)!

Bring your own water bottle! The Three Rivers Arts Festival will have “Water Monsters” on site to keep you hydrated without creating any waste!

Allergies seem to be worse than ever this year. Keep your nose sustainable with a handkerchief or a pocket square. (Yes, you will look stylish and classic with this practical pairing.) Practice zero waste via the old fold-sneeze-fold-wash technique. Tissues aren’t cute and are designed to only be used once before being tossed.

Sun protection, check! There isn’t a ton of coverage at the Festival so make sure to protect yourself from the elements with an umbrella, hat, and sunblock!

Do you have a ride yet? Travel Green to tread lightly on the land. Take the bus, walk, ride a bike or carpool to reduce your ecological footprint. Monitor your fuel emissions by looking for quick trip opportunities.

Support local artists without supporting local waste! Bring your own reusable bags to bring home your art/goodies. sorting, and recycling.


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