Exciting Eastern School Programs

Posted by: Kaity Baril on January 27, 2020

Pennsylvania Resources Council’s Eastern School Programming introduces participants to regional and global environmental solutions. These programs align with PA Department of Education standards. As a result, they are a valuable resource for meeting Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology standards.

Eastern School Programming

Renewable Energy

Students will learn about the process of creating electricity using renewable and non-renewable resources.  Additionally, they will learn about energy trends and actions to conserve energy.

Watershed Awareness

The Watershed Awareness program introduces students to the concept of a watershed, how water moves through a watershed, as well as how pollution impacts a watershed. The students will work with an “Enviroscape” model that allows them to put mock pollutants in the watershed. Then, they will use water bottles to simulate rain, because this allows the students to see how water travels through a watershed. They see various pollutants that enter our waterways that may otherwise be invisible in our water system. Finally, the program closes with a discussion with ways in which we can protect our water systems.

Litter & Recycling

Students will learn the ins and outs of recycling, and they will gain skills to reduce litter. This program features the history of litter, what it is, as well as hazards it presents.  Then, they will learn how to properly recycle and how to reduce litter.

Stream Health

Outdoor Program: Students will go to a local pond or stream accessible to the school. They will test chemical and biological properties. The students will also collect and identify macroinvertebrates living in the water.  Macroinvertebrates serve as indicators of water quality, so the students use their findings to help assess the water quality of the stream or pond.

Indoor Program: This is an indoor version of the Stream Health program.  Using samples that are pre-collected and preserved, students are able to observe and identify macroinvertebrates that are found in local streams. This program acts like the Outdoor Program, but it is indoors.

Wild About Birds

Students test their wings, as they are introduced to the world of birds with an inviting blend of discovery and fun. They will learn what characteristics define a bird and how to identify birds using field guides. Then, they will put their new skills to the test by trying to identify birds outside in their environment.


For information about how your business can make a donation to PRC, through PA’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program, please click here.


Individual classes or small assemblies are available. Programs may sometimes be available free of charge depending on current EITC and grant funding. For more information or to schedule a program, please contact Diana Andrejczak at 610-353-1555 x232 or [email protected].

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