Eco Friendly Holiday Traditions

Posted by: Kim Bischof on December 6, 2018

Everyone has their favorite traditions for this time of year. Here are a few items to add to your holiday schedule that are good for you and the planet.

Card Gift boxes

Do you have pile of old holiday cards that are too pretty to throw away? Follow these directions to make those cards into gift boxes to be reused! Not only is this a fun and cost effective way to wrap small gifts, but it’s a great opportunity to practice reuse. Plus you’ll clear out a little clutter!

Christmas Bird Counts

Every year the Audubon Society holds a nation wide Christmas Bird Count. On Christmas day, citizen scientist all over the United States go birding and record the species the see or hear. The data collected by these bird counts has helped researches and wildlife agencies to study the health and status of American bird population. Below are a few birds you might see in Pennsylvania over winter

Bird Friendly Reindeer Food

Santa gets milk and cookies, but what do the Reindeer have to snack on? Consider combining bird seeds with cereal and spreading it on your lawn for a treat the reindeer are sure to love. Just in case they don’t finish their snack, be sure to use all bird-friendly ingredients. This way, the reindeer can share their treat with your local winter birds.

Donate Toys to Santa’s Workshop

If you’re wondering where your kids will find room to store more toys, consider donating them. Ask your children to pick out a few gently used toys to set under the tree on Christmas Eve. Santa will take the toys back to the North Pole for the elves to fix up and give away next year.

Book Exchange

This tradition is a type of gift exchange. Find an interesting book at your local second-hand book store or select one from your personal library and exchange with friends or family on Christmas Eve. Look for a book you love and want to share! Snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and read the book you received until you’re too tired to stay up waiting for Santa.



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