Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on February 3, 2022

Learn what to leave curbside, what to toss into trash, and how to dispose of specialty materials.

Individuals living throughout Pennsylvania are invited to take part in the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s free “Recycling & Waste Reduction” webinar on Thursday, February 17, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.  The online workshop will answer common questions surrounding recycling issues such as curbside collection, hard-to-recycle materials and pharmaceutical disposal.

While the Recycling & Waste Reduction webinar is free, pre-registration is required by visiting or e-mailing [email protected]

“Nearly half of all plastic items produced are ‘single use’ so it’s important to know which ones to place in the recycling bin and which to toss into the trash,” according to PRC Education Program Coordinator Nancy Martin. “Identifying which containers to recycle becomes all the more confusing since many containers display a numbered recycling symbol on the bottom but they’re still not accepted for recycling, including abundant items such as take-out clamshells and plastic cups.”

“By taking part in a one-hour webinar, individuals can learn general guidelines for which materials to leave curbside, which items to toss into the trash and what options are available for disposing of hard-to-recycle and specialty materials,” explains Martin.

The following materials are accepted by nearly all curbside collection programs in Pennsylvania:

  • PLASTIC BOTTLES, JARS & JUGS – includes all containers with a screw-top lid and a neck narrower than the body
  • STEEL & ALUMINUM CANS – labels are okay but remove all food and lightly rinse
  • CORRAGATED CARDBOARD – flatten; labels and tape are okay
  • MIXED PAPER – includes magazines, junk mail, newspaper, office paper, paper bags and paperboard such as cereal boxes

PRC is recognized as a state and national leader in waste reduction and recycling.  CLICK HERE for information concerning PRC programs and events.


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