Free Webinar Nov 15 — Learn to “Recycle Right” on America Recycles Day

Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on November 10, 2022

Join PRC in celebrating America Recycles Day — Tuesday, Nov. 15 — by taking part in a free 30-minute webinar providing practical tips for simplifying your life.

“American Recycles Day serves as an excellent reminder that every day of the year we each have opportunities to impact and improve our world in countless ways including reducing waste, recycling, and protecting water resources,” according to PRC Executive Director Darren Spielman.  “PRC is proud to help Pennsylvanians become environmental stewards by teaching them how to easily reduce the amount of waste they generate each day.”

The free Recycling & Waste Reduction webinar takes place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15.  Advance registration is required.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR NOV. 15 WEBINAR

Ready to learn now?  Click here to watch a recorded video of the workshop. (Select dropdown option “Recycling & Waste Reduction Video.”)

“According to the EPA, an average person creates 4.4 pounds of waste each day. There are easy ways to reduce this number and to recycle much of what we can’t avoid wasting,” said Spielman.  “During the webinar, PRC’s recycling expert will discuss curbside collection, hard-to-recycle materials, pharmaceutical disposal, and then encourage participants to ask questions during the Q&A session.”

In-person and online, PRC teaches adults how to protect vital resources by taking action in their lives and in and around their homes.  A Backyard Composting webinar takes place Wednesday, November 16, at 6 p.m.  The $70 course fee includes an 82-gallon compost bin.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


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