2022 Zero Waste Non-Event


Join PRC and these supporters to help build a Pennsylvania where nothing is wasted.


Blank Rome LLP   *   Covanta   *   Fox Rothschild LLP   *   Q Development

Aqua PA   *   Eckert Seamans   *   Eldredge, Inc.   *   eLoop llc   *   EvolveEA   *   Liberty Tire Recycling   *   Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling   *   Monroe Energy   *   YourCFO of Pittsburgh

Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy   *   Howard Wein, Esq.   *   Northeast Industrial Manufacturing, Inc.   *   TrailBlaze Creative

PRC Supporters have helped us to:
> Expand our glass recycling operation in 2021 collecting 550 tons of glass from 31,000 households, nearly double from the year before.
> Train nearly 2,300 adults to reduce waste and recycle at home and in business, to compost, and to reduce impact on watersheds.
> Educate more than 600 school students about watersheds, water quality, and waste.
> Collect and facilitate the recycling and safe management of more than 240,000 pounds of e-waste and relaunch e-waste collection services in southeastern PA.
> Partner with 19 nonprofits to divert 40,000 pounds of useable materials from landfills for reuse by local organizations.
> Connect with nearly 1,000 people in 60 counties via the state-wide recycling hotline.
> Protect the Delaware River Watershed in southeastern PA, implementing green stormwater infrastructure projects estimated to manage 2.5 million gallons of stormwater per year.

We’ve done all of this and so much more!

By becoming a PRC Supporter you can help us leverage our unique combination of on-the-ground work and technical expertise and grow our impact to work with communities to divert waste and preserve the environment.

Choose to support PRC at the Keystone, Sustainer or Steward level.  We look forward to recognizing and celebrating our partnership to promote PRC as a statewide leader in environmental action.

For more information and to become a PRC Supporter contact Carol Butler [email protected] | 610-353-1555 x2.

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