Hard To Recycle Collections

Since 2003, Pennsylvania Resources Council has held Hard to Recycle collections in Southwestern PA. The goal is to provide responsible and convenient disposal for items that are not eligible for curbside recycling.  At these events, individuals have been able to recycle items such as e-waste, cell phones, polystyrene, compact fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, Freon-containing appliances, tires, and more.

Over the past 18 years, 31,000+ residents have participated in Hard to Recycle events. We have recycled 2,000,000 pounds of electronics, 12,000 plus tires, 3,700 appliances, and much more.

Pennsylvania Resources Council has further committed to the safe, ethical, and responsible recycling outlet of electronic waste through recognition by the Basel Action Network (BAN), as an E-­Stewards® Enterprise. You can learn more about our E-Stewards Certification here.

Information on our collection events can be found HERE.