What can I recycle?

According to the EPA, Americans produce approximately 4.4 pounds of waste every day. 75 percent of this waste is recyclable, though typically only about 30 percent finds its way to the proper receptacle. Use the pages below to find the best ways to recycle the materials in your home!


In 2010, the PA state legislature passed a law banning many electronic devices – including televisions and computers – from landfills and incinerators.  The law also requires that manufacturers of these devices pay the costs of providing residents with free and convenient recycling alternatives. Since the law took effect in 2013, many unexpected consequences of […]

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Why Collect and Safely Dispose of Pharmaceuticals? What Are the Issues?                                        Social  Nationally, estimates point to more than 200 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste being generated annually. There are many reasons why these materials become unwanted […]

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Polystyrene Recycling

The Pennsylvania Resources Council along with partners the Appliance Warehouse have worked to develop options for recycling expanded polystryene packaging foam for recycling in Southwestern PA. What is Polystrene Packaging Foam? It’s the hard white packaging foam used to protect TVs, computers, and household appliances as well as what foam coolers are made of.  Look […]

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Hard To Recycle Items

What is Hard to Recycle? Hard to Recycle is any item that you cannot easily recycle in your curbside collection program, such as tires, Freon-containing appliances, fluorescent tubes, etc.  These items, in some cases, cannot be placed in landfills in Pennsylvania, as they can leach harmful chemicals when not recycled properly. While these materials may […]

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