FREE Northside Recycling Bin Distribution Begins

Posted by: Sarah Shea on October 2, 2019

The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) will be distributing 32-gallon recycling bins to qualifying residents of the City of Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhoods. Register today and join us to retrieve your blue bin.

Your use of a blue bin can help increase recycling rates, which helps to fight litter, save energy, prevent deforestation, and prevent valuable resources from entering our region’s landfills.

As part of the City of Pittsburgh’s new recycling regulations, city residents are being asked to begin placing recyclables loose in a blue bin and set the bin in a designated area for their pickup day. While blue plastic bags were once the norm, residents who discontinue use of the plastic bags in favor of a bin will improve the quality of recycling for themselves and their neighbors. Excess plastic bags cause issues to recycling plants (Materials Recovery Facilities or MRFs), clogging the machinery, reducing efficiency, and placing employees at risk.

By placing your recyclable materials, unbagged, in your new blue recycling bin, you’ll help keep valuable materials out of our landfills! Please continue to place your materials out in your regular pickup location on your regular recycling day. PRC will distribute bins to registered participants residing in the Northside at several events from early October through mid-November 2019.

To be eligible for a free recycling bin, participants must:

  • Reside within one of the 18 Northside neighborhoods within the City of Pittsburgh
  • Reside in a single-family dwelling (properties with over five units are not eligible for this program)
  • Pre-register to one of the distribution events

Visit for a list of distribution events and online registration links.

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