Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on November 22, 2022

PRC has found success in a new fundraising model, having moved away from its annual donor gala and embracing its mission to prevent waste and conserve Pennsylvania’s environmental resources. PRC’s 2022 “Zero Waste Non-Event” advanced key fundraising goals to support its statewide programs, increased its number of donors, and avoided an estimated 750 pounds of waste typically generated by the dinner held for hundreds of people. Instead, PRC recognized donors on digital platforms throughout the months of October and November in concert with imagery of the PRC work they support in the community.

“As we work to create a Pennsylvania where nothing is wasted, we wanted to also embrace that practice within our own programming,” said Darren Spielman, executive director, Pennsylvania Resources Council. “We were heartened that the results of our first Zero Waste Non-Event demonstrated our ability to recognize our supporters while maximizing the resources we can dedicate to our statewide efforts. In this way, our donors really amplified their impact this year.”

Money raised during the Zero Waste Non-Event goes directly to support environmental justice in watersheds, waste reduction and diversion programs programs for high value materials such as glass as well as hard to recycle items, and environmental education for people of all ages.

Since 2009, along with its large-scale waste diversion, education, and watershed protection efforts, PRC has provided waste reduction services through its Zero Waste Pennsylvania program to various commercial businesses, institutions, residents, and special events across the state – ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Now, PRC is utilizing its own waste reduction techniques for its Zero Waste Non-Event.

Images of the Zero Waste Non-Event can be viewed on PRC’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. Organizations and individuals who are interested in reducing and diverting waste and preserving the environment are invited to become PRC Supporters. Businesses or organizations seeking to host their own events with a zero-waste goal can contact PRC for services.

Supporters have helped PRC accomplish the following to date in 2022:

  • More than double its glass recycling operation to 790 tons of glass from nearly 40,000 households;
  • train close to 2,300 adults to reduce waste and recycle;
  • educate nearly 1,700 school students about watersheds, water quality and waste;
  • partner with 19 nonprofits to keep more than 46,300 pounds of materials in use and out of landfills;
  • implement green stormwater infrastructure projects to help manage 2.5 million+ gallons of stormwater per year, and much more.             

Sponsors and supporters included: Aqua PA, Branton Strategies, BlankRome, Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy,Covanta, Eckert Seamans, Eldredge Inc, eLoop LLC, evolveEA, Fox Rothschild LLP, Howard Wein, Esq., Liberty Tire Services LLC, Michael Brothers Hauling, Monroe Energy, Northeast Industrial Manufacturing, Q Development, Trailblaze Creative, and YourCFO.

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