East Office

PRC’s Headquarters and Eastern Regional Office is located at the Environmental Living Demonstration Center in Ridley Creek State Park in Delaware County.

The Environmental Living Demonstration Center:

The goal of the Environmental Living Demonstration Center (ELDC) is to teach the public about environmentally sound lifestyle choices and demonstrate “green” living techniques.  Educational field trips to the ELDC are available to school groups. “Green” practices at the ELDC include:

  • A driveway and parking lot made of recycled tire asphalt
  • Faux slate roofs made from recycled plastic
  • A barn roof made from recycled aluminum
  • Carpeting made from recycled materials.
  • Energy efficient windows, doors and insulation
  • High efficiency lighting
  • Backyard composting and vermi-composting facilities
  • A rain garden complete with rain barrels and plants native to Pennsylvania
  • An organic garden
  • Pasture management practices that reduce pollution and erosion
  • A 5 Kw photovoltaic solar energy system that helps offset PRC’s electricity use
  • Preservation and restoration of a 250 year old farm house

PRC East Programs and Services:

As one of the longest-standing environmental education and outreach organizations in Pennsylvania, PRC strives to influence environmental living choices and maintains a well-established network and reputation with schools, community organizations, businesses, state and local government agencies, and other environmental nonprofit organizations. The strength of PRC’s programs is derived from this ability to bring people, businesses, and government together to prevent and solve environmental problems.

The programs and services PRC East currently provides include:

PRC East collects old cell phones for recycling at our office in Ridley Creek State Park: 3606 Providence Road Newtown Square, PA 19073