Partners & Affiliates

Pennsylvania Resources Council relies on many partners and affiliates to propel our Mission and Vision. The organization could not present its award-winning advocacy programs without their generous support, because their contributions and expertise propels us.

Recognizing Partners & Affiliates

We thank all of these foundations, governments, businesses, and individuals. Therefore, we are officially recognizing them due to our long-standing relationship.

Affiliated Organizations

PRC recognizes that we cannot take on every challenge ourselves and that success can also be found by empowering others to succeed. This strategy has been central to PRC’s role in a developing and assisting in the creation of many important organizations, including;

Funding Partners

PRC’s Funding Partners make much of our work possible. Their support has empowered PRC to be a leader across the Commonwealth on many important environmental issues. Our funding partners and supporters include;

Foundations and Grants

Corporate and Business Partners