PRC’s “Litter? Not In Philly!” Campaign Expands to Southwest Philadelphia

Posted by: Justin Stockdale on February 15, 2019

PRC’s “Litter? Not in Philly!” project is expanding to Southwest Philadelphia under the local banner of “Litter? Not in Southwest!”

In partnership with the Southwest Community Development Corporation (Southwest CDC), PRC is bringing its online anti-litter block adoption program to this diverse region of Philadelphia.

Volunteers in Southwest Philadelphia neighborhoods are needed to join 1,300+ Philadelphia residents who have already committed to weekly litter cleanups on blocks across the city.

The kickoff presentation to the Southwest CDC Neighborhood Advisory Committee was enthusiastically received, connecting PRC with residents in Southwest Philadelphia who are passionate about their community. They want a clean, healthy environment for their families and recognize the connection between well maintained blocks and economic sustainability.

“Feedback is very encouraging,” according to Mark Harrell, NAC coordinator at Southwest CDC.  “Our intention is to engage block captains, students, churches, businesses and residents in a community-wide process where we all take responsibility and pride in making sure that Southwest Philadelphia stays litter-free.”

“Litter? Not in Southwest!” joins several other local initiatives to combat litter and short dumping in this section of the city.  Residents are eager to match their effort with resources available in order to create a more beautiful environment in which to live, work and play.

For more information about “Litter? Not in Philly!” visit

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