Collection Events

Approximately 50 percent of the waste that Americans generate every day is recyclable through traditional recycling systems. On top of the paper, glass, metal, and glass, an additional 20 percent of our waste is recyclable through specialty recycling programs!

Materials like electronics, household chemicals, CFL lightbulbs, and more do not belong in landfills. Some are filled with toxic material that can leach into our waterways or introduce dangerous toxic chemicals into our environment. Others are filled with valuable recyclable materials that can negate the need for mining raw materials.

PRC is proud to offer services in Southwestern and Southeastern Pennsylvania to collect these types of materials. We work with local professionals to recycle them into new products or dispose of them with the least environmental impact possible.

Hard To Recycle Collections

Since 2003, Pennsylvania Resources Council has held Hard to Recycle collections in Southwestern PA. The goal is to provide responsible and convenient disposal for items that are not eligible for curbside recycling.  At these events, individuals have been able to recycle items such as e-waste, cell phones, polystyrene, compact fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, Freon-containing appliances, […]

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Glass Recycling

In response to the sudden removal of glass from many residential recycling programs in the Pittsburgh area, PRC launched a glass-only collection program in 2019. The program includes pop-up event sites and permanent sites, sponsored by local governments committed to recycling and who recognize that glass remains a recyclable material with vibrant demand in the […]

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Household Chemical Collection Events

Since 2003, Pennsylvania Resources Council has hosted Household Chemical Collection Events in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The program is made possible with the support of many partners and volunteers. The events have directly resulted in the safe management of nearly 5,000,000 lbs of household chemicals. The events are restricted to household quantities of Household Chemicals. If you […]

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Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Drug Take-Back Days Acceptable Items: Unwanted and expired medications, both prescription (non-controlled, controlled substances) and over-the-counter, in tablet, capsule, ointment, inhaler, powder, cream, or patch form. No sharps or needles of any kind, or liquids will be accepted. Cost to participate: Free of charge Locations: Multiple locations throughout western PA. Visit the DEA website for […]

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RESCHEDULED DATE: Saturday, October 17 2020 12pm – 4pm North Park Swimming Pool Parking Lot S Ridge Dr, Allison Park, PA 15101 Donate your gently used materials to be reused by local nonprofits Event sponsored by:                 ReuseFest is a one-day drop off event open to the general […]

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