Hard To Recycle Collections

Since 2003, Pennsylvania Resources Council has held Hard to Recycle collections in Southwestern PA. The goal is to provide responsible and convenient disposal for items that are not eligible for curbside recycling.  At these events, individuals have been able to recycle items such as e-waste, cell phones, polystyrene, compact fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, Freon-containing appliances, tires, and more.

Over the past 16 years, 31,000+ residents have participated in Hard to Recycle events. We have recycled 2,000,000 pounds of electronics, 12,000 plus tires, 3,700 appliances, and much more.

Pennsylvania Resources Council has further committed to the safe, ethical, and responsible recycling outlet of electronic waste through recognition by the Basel Action Network (BAN), as an E-­Stewards® Enterprise. You can learn more about our E-Stewards Certification here.

Event Schedule

2020 Events

June 20, 2020
Bethel Park High School
309 Church Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102
Bethel Park Event Flyer

July 25, 2020
La Roche University
9000 Babcock Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
La Roche Event Flyer

August 29, 2020
Next Tier Connect @ East Pittsburgh
4350 Northern Pike, Monroeville, PA 15146
Monroeville Event Flyer

October 3, 2020
Settlers Cabin Park Wave Pool Parking Lot 
635 Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Settlers Cabin Event Flyer

October 24, 2020
Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills
590 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15084
Galleria at Pgh Mills Event Flyer


Acceptable Materials & Associated Fees

Materials Collected at NO Cost:

  • CPU (towers), laptops, mice, & keyboards
  • Home phones & cellphones
  • Tablets, PDAs, & UPS
  • Servers, routers, & modems
  • Web & digital cameras
  • DVD Players & VCRs
  • Paper Shredders
  • Clock Radios
  • Stereos
  • Microwaves
  • Copiers, fax machines, & scanners
  • Electronic cables
  • Video game consoles
  • Expanded Polystyrene packaging material
  • (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs
  • Glass bottles, jugs, and jars (all colors, labels and lids can remain on)

Materials Collected for a FEE:

  • All Computer Monitors (flat screen & CRT) – $20 each
  • Televisions – $30 each
  • Console or Rear Projection TVs – $40 each
  • Printers – $5 each
  • Alkaline Batteries $1.50 per pound
  • Small Freon Containing Appliances (window ac units, dehumidifiers) $10 each
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes & floppy disks $1.00 per pound
  • Tires (car/truck) $3.50 without rims $10 with rims
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction Verification -1 Drive $11.50 each
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction Verification -each additional drive after 1st $3 each
  • Fluorescent Tubes $2 for 4ft & $3.50 for 8ft


Volunteer Info

What does a volunteer do?
As a Event Collection volunteer, you will:

  • Participate in a brief training session prior to the start of your event.
  • Perform tasks such as directing traffic, taking surveys, handing out educational materials, and much more. You will be engaged.
  • Volunteers can work full or half-day shifts:
    • Full-day shift: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m ** preferred
    • Morning shift: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m
    • Afternoon shift: 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Volunteer Recognition
To show our appreciation, all volunteers at collection events will receive the following:

  • Breakfast, lunch, & refreshments
  • Safety gear such as vests & gloves
  • That warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping a good cause

The events run rain or shine, so volunteers are advised to dress for the weather.

If you would like to volunteer at a Hard to Recycle Collection, please contact Sarah Shea at [email protected] or call (412) 488-7452.

Program Partners

Our organization partners with local companies to ensure responsible and proper disposal of all materials collected at our events.

Our partners include:

Collection Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors:



Frequently Asked Questions

For a great overview, check out “What to Expect at a Hard to Recycle.”

Q: Do you take TVs?  If so, what is the cost?

A:  Yes, we take Televisions of all sizes.  Our fees are $30 for televisions. For rear projection or console TV’s, it is $40. To see our complete list of fees, click on the Acceptable Material & Associated Fees tab on this page.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept at these events?

A.  We accept cash, check, credit, or debit at our events.  We do suggest cash to participants, because the “cash only” lane tends to move you through the fastest.

Q: Is there anyone on-site to help me unload?

A:  Yes. The event is a drive through event, so participants do not need to get out of their vehicles. We work alongside volunteers on-site to unload materials from all participant vehicles.

Q: Do you unload vehicles past 1pm?

A: The line shuts at 1pm, and everyone who is in line by 1pm will have their materials unloaded.



Hard to Recycle Inquiries

Get answers on where to recycle items locally.