Electronics Recycling in Allegheny County

PRC host electronics recycling collection events in Allegheny County to provide residents with a convenient and cost-effective method of responsibly disposing of televisions, computers and other electronic equipment.  Across the state, PRC remains committed to the safe, ethical and responsible recycling of electronic waste through recognition by the Basel Action Network (BAN) as an e­Stewards Enterprise.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call 412-488-7490 x 7.


For a $5 participant fee*, individuals can drop off unlimited cell/home phones, computer towers and peripheral equipment (keyboards, laptops, mice, etc.) and video game consoles/DVD players.

For a FEE, individuals can drop off televisions, computer monitors and printers.

  • All Computer Monitors (flat screen & CRT) – $20 each
  • Televisions – $30 each
  • Console or Rear Projection TVs – $40 each
  • Printers – $5 each

*NOTE:  $5 participant fee waived if individual pays for disposal of TV, tires or other materials listed in the FEE section above.

  • Participants must register in advance — register online or call 412-488-7490×1.

PRC weekday e-waste collection campaign is sponsored by Allegheny County Health Department and Allegheny County Parks Department.


• Place all items in car trunk/truck bed.

• PRC accepts all forms of payment.

• PRC follows all federal/state/local health and safety guidelines.