Start Glass Recycling In Your Community

Pennsylvania Resources Council is continually seeking local government and commercial partners to help revitalize glass recycling through regional collaboration. Our municipal partners recognize that recycled glass is in high demand and wish to maintain vital recycling collection services for their residents, while business partners become increasingly aware of the multiple economic and environmental benefits of our program.

Take a look at our options for hosting a glass collection service with PRC or support the Glass Program by providing a sponsorship match today: PRC GLASS SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.

We look forward to building an efficient, region-wide glass recycling collection network in western Pennsylvania together!


Program Overview: Ways to Support

PRC’s Glass Recycling Program offers glass collection options to tens of thousands of households in Western PA. Residents, municipalities, and business sponsors help us:

  • Save hundreds of tons of natural resources annually through recycling
  • Support our local and regional glass industry – one of the most vibrant glass networks in the country
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Meet consumer demand, as many residents prefer glass packaging for its high recyclability

Partners can learn more about the program here: PRC Glass Program Overview

Host the Traveling Glass Bin

What is the Traveling Glass Bin?  

The Traveling Glass Bin is a week-long “rental” of our glass collection container with maintenance and hauling services included. Think of it as temporary glass recycling infrastructure that your community can invest in for a modest fee.

Program Details:  

  • Turnkey program, week-long “rental” of our glass collection bin 
  • Contact-free, self-serve collection model 
  • Can be booked on a recurring schedule, quarterly 
  • PRC coordinates the following: 


How can our community partner with PRC and host the Traveling Glass Bin? 

PRC is actively looking for partners! Please complete the following form to request availability.

Traveling Glass Bin Host Inquiry

Are you a local government or business representative wishing to partner on glass recycling efforts? Please complete the following fields for more information about available Traveling Glass Bin dates. We will respond shortly.
  • What municipality, county, COG, or business do you represent?

Host a Permanent Glass Collection Site

PRC’s long-term vision: A region-wide network of glass recycling drop-off sites that provide all residents reliable, uninterrupted glass recycling access. PRC continues to pursue this model in partnership with southwestern PA municipalities, councils of government (COGs), and county partners.

Best practices include:

  • Standardized regional network
  • Inter-municipal cooperation and site sponsorship
  • Public-private partnerships

Please email [email protected] for questions about PRC’s permanent drop-off site initiative, led through multi-municipal partnerships.

Educational and Technical Assistance

Educational Resources for Public Administration

Please visit our webinar webpage to learn more about our Municipal Solid Waste Topics webinars. For inquiries about additional technical assistance, please contact [email protected].

Additional Industry Resources

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