General Info on Glass Recycling





Want to be prepared when you visit a glass-only recycling drop-off site? Use the guide below for what is and is not accepted.

Place GLASS ONLY in collection bin

  • No need to separate colors
  • Leave lids/labels on


  • JARS
  • JUGS

Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.



NOT accepted materials

cut glass * glass bakeware * mirrors * porcelain and ceramics * stemware * window glass * light bulbs * televisions

Got unaccepted materials? Choose reuse, by consulting our list of reuse partners. For appropriate light bulb and television recycling outlets, visit our Hard-to-Recycle Collection page.

Permanent Glass Collection Sites

PRC aims to support counties and municipalities as they establish permanent glass recycling drop-off stations for their residents. In Western PA, permanent glass recycling drop-off sites can be found at the locations listed below. For all locations, please consult our Glass Recycling Guide tab above and always practice good glass recycling etiquette.


Allegheny County

Castle Shannon

Franklin Park Borough

Moon Township

Oakmont Borough site hosted by Oakmont Borough and Verona Borough

O’Hara Township site hosted by O’Hara Township, Aspinwall Borough and Blawnox Borough

Ross Township

Village Square Mall site hosted by Borough of Dormont, Municipality of Bethel Park, Municipality of Mt. Lebanon and Township of Upper St. Clair in partnership with Oxford

Superior Mulch
Location: 21 Furnace Street Extension, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Map to Superior Mulch Site


Beaver County

Open to Beaver County Residents 

Bradys Run Park Recycling Center


Washington County

Peters Township Fire Station #1


Please be advised that PRC may not be the administrator of all recycling services listed above. This information is provided as a resource to Western PA residents and while we strive to keep our information up to date, drop-off days and times may change without PRC’s knowledge. Please use the contact information listed under each entry to clarify questions and concerns. 

Why Recycle Glass?

Glass is being removed as an “acceptable” material in single stream residential curbside recycling programs throughout Western PA and across the nation. However, it is important to know that glass is still one of the most recyclable materials we generate in our homes and should not be trashed. 

Why is drop-off collection better?
Drop-off glass collection programs have proven to yield significant volumes of high quality materials to the glass recycling industry. Drop off collections treat the discarded glass as a commodity and prevent the contamination inherent in single stream collection systems.

Continuing to put glass in your curbside recycling bin when instructed not to may result in rejected loads at material recovery facilities or the glass may be used as landfill cover. To ensure your glass is being recycled properly, please participate in PRC’s Glass Recycling Collection Events.

  • Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.  
  • Recycled glass containers are ALWAYS NEEDED because glass manufacturers require high-quality recycled container glass to meet market demand for new glass containers.¹
  • Glass containers returned for recycling can be made into new glass bottles and jars that constitute up to 95% recycled content.²
  • Your glass bottles and jars can go from your recycling bin to the store shelf in as little as 30 days.³
  • 1 ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every 6 tons of recycled container glass used in manufacturing.³


Where Will the Glass Go?

Pennsylvania is home to three glass mills that depend on our recycled glass bottles and jars as the raw material to produce glass containers. In addition several other glass mills operate in neighboring states resulting in one of the strongest markets for glass recycling in North America.

PRC will ship all collected glass to our partner CAP Glass who will prepare it to the mill specifications. This glass will be used to make beer and liquor bottles, pickle and mayonnaise jars and many other consumer products.

These mills are located in: Brockway, PA – Zanesville, OH – Crenshaw, PA – Port Allegany, PA – Toana, VA and Winston Salem, NC.

Your glass recycling efforts at drop-off centers and events directly supports these businesses and jobs vital to our region.

Statistical Sources:
¹ Glass Packaging Institute
² CAP Glass
³ Glass Recycling Coalition 

Program Sponsors

Collection events and other program services are supported by PRC’s municipal partners along with the following contributors:

Owens-Illinois, Inc.

CAP Glass


Volunteer with PRC

Volunteer with PRC

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