In addition to it’s permanent programs, PRC works with a number of foundations, businesses, municipalities and more on smaller or shorter-term projects. Click on the links below to learn more about what we’re working on right now!

Cans for Pets

Cans for Pets is a Pennsylvania Resources Council project aimed to aid shelter animals through responsible recycling. Together with Alcoa Foundation, Cans for Pets works with shelters across the country to increase aluminum pet food can recycling rates and raise funds for homeless animals – for every aluminum pet food can recycled, 5 cents is donated […]

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Multi-Family Residences Recycling

PRC is working with fifteen multi-family residential units throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area to improve their recycling programs and decrease the amount of waste sent to local landfills. Oftentimes, multifamily residential units fall between regulatory cracks, especially when it comes to recycling. PRC is addressing this problem by providing recycling bins, educational materials, and informational […]

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Let’s Clear the Air Poster Challenge

A collaboration between the Southwest PA Air Quality Partnership and the PA Resources Council, the Let’s Clear the Air Poster Challenge is now in its 10th year. The goal of the Challenge is for students in Southwest PA to learn about the effects of air pollution, how to reduce their exposure, and to encourage action through a […]

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