Technical Assistance

PRC makes available the wide ranging expertise of our staff through specialized consulting services. We strive to provide clients with practical solutions which are considerate of their unique settings and circumstances. Beyond our professional staff we have access to a wide variety subject matter experts which greatly expand our capacity. We have executed projects for clients from small community events to large municipal governments.

PRC’s strategic areas of focus for Technical Assistance include;

  • Event Greening Strategies
  • Zero Waste Event Services
  • Local Government Recycling Program Development, Expansion and Evaluation
  • Business Waste Diversion Assistance
  • Waste Diversion and Recycling Education Resource Creation
  • Public Policy Analysis

Please contact us if you would like to learn how PRC can assist in maximizing waste diversion for you.

PRC is authorized to provide services funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Technical Assistance Program (RTAP.) Through RTAP, recycling technical assistance, up to a value of $7,500, is available at no charge to Pennsylvania local governments selected to participate. The purpose of the program is to upgrade recycling programs to maximize material recovery and ensure program sustainability. You can learn more about this valuable program here.