Zero Waste Event Services

A “Zero Waste Event” engages in the Zero Waste philosophy by reducing waste in terms of purchasing, usage and disposal of resources before, during and after an event. Zero Waste is a philosophy that seeks to maximize the recovery of resources we commonly throw away in our everyday lives. Much of what we call waste, or our discards, are potential resources for new products. Zero Waste Events practices aim to first minimize the production of discards, second direct the discards we have to reuse, recycling or composting and finally to manage what we have left as responsibly as possible. Aggressive Zero Waste Event strategies can recover the resource value of more than 90% of what is discarded. This involves detailed and systematic planning before an event to ensure all of the material is sourced in a sustainable manner and is able to be reused, recycled or composted.

Event Partners

Zero Waste Pennsylvania works with some of PA’s most popular events, ranging from small community celebrations to week-long arts festivals. Find a list of some of our past events below.

Zero Waste Kit

Thinking about hosting an event soon? Zero Waste Pennsylvania’s Zero Waste Kit can provide you with all the necessities for greening your event!

Events of any size often generate significant amounts of waste. By utilizing a Zero Waste Kit, you can prevent typical party supplies like plasticware, polystyrene cups, plastic flatware, etc. from adding to the landfills. Each Zero Waste Kit includes a three bin system comprised of “Landfill,” “Recycling,” and “Compost.” Each is equipped with educational signage to show your guests how to sort their waste.

The Zero Waste Kit offers options for sending your waste to the more environmentally friendly outlets. Graduation celebrations, birthday parties, block parties, fundraisers and other like events are perfect fits for the Zero Waste Kit.

Use the form below to request a Zero Waste Kit no later than two weeks prior to your event. Kits can be picked up and dropped off along with compost material at PRC’s Office in Pittsburgh’s South Side. (64 S. 14th Street)

Full Service Zero Waste Events

Let the Pennsylvania Resources Council work with your next event by creating a customized Zero Waste Event plan. We specialize in reducing the amount of discards through green procurement planning, working with vendors, material haulers, on-site recycling/composting management and on-the-ground support. Please reach out to us early so we can plan accordingly by clicking here Zero Waste Management Form or filling out the form below. A PRC Representative will be with you within a few days to start generating a quote for your event greening needs. 

Zero Waste Event Management Form

We look froward reviewing your submission. Please enter your information in the form below and click submit.

Zero Waste Event Management Form

Zero Waste Pennsylvania is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council. Thank you for your interest in Pennsylvania Resources Council Zero Waste Event Program. Please submit as much information as possible so that we can prepare a quote that fits your event's needs and greening goals. We will contact you within one week of submitting this form. If your event requires more immediate response, please call us at 412-773-7159.