Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on July 11, 2022

Need to dispose of latex paint?  PRC shares this simple method for preparation at home that allows you to legally and safely dispose of latex paint in your regular trash, eliminating the need to purchase any products or drive to a household chemical collection event.

Latex paint (water based) in a solidified form is not a hazardous waste, so follow these instructions to prepare paint for disposal with your curbside household trash:

  • Divide the paint into small amounts, 1/3-full can or less;
  • Add kitty litter, sand or shredded newspaper into liquid latex paint and mix well;
  • Leave the lid off, set aside and allow the paint to completely dry;
  • Dispose of the dried paint in the trash.

This method works well for a small quantity of latex paint, such as one-third of a can or less.  Options for correctly disposing of larger amounts of latex paint include using packets of waste paint hardener, which is available at home improvement stores, or dropping off the paint at a household chemical collection event.

Please note:  Oil-based paint, stains and varnishes are hazardous in any form and always should be taken to a collection event.

CLICK HERE for information regarding PRC’s 2022 schedule of household chemical collection events, which accept paint products, pesticides, automotive fluids and a wide variety of products for a fee.


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