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Pets are beloved members of the family, but exposure to common household chemicals can pose serious health risks.  According to the According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical home contains as much as 100 pounds of household chemicals such as pesticides, paints, cleaners and other potentially hazardous products – so learn how to limit your pet’s exposure to toxic substances.

The Pennsylvania Resources Council offers a series of online brochures, including SAFE & HEALTHY PETS

Tips for protecting pets include:

  • STORE ITEMS OUT OF REACH – Seal containers and place them out of the reach of pets. Use trash cans with lids.


  • PROTECT PETS FROM PESTICIDES – Keep pets away from recently treated areas. Be sure to thoroughly wash off paws before a pet enters the house.


  • USE ADEQUATE VENTILATION – Be aware of the dangers of toxic fumes (especially when using oven cleaners in the presence of birds).


  • COMMUNICATE – Share important pet safety information with everyone who works in your home, including gardeners, exterminators, pet sitters and house cleaners.



View the SAFE & HEALTHY PETS brochure.

To learn more about the impact of household chemicals on the environment and human health, view PRC’s booklet HAZARDOUS WASTE IN THE HOME: SAFE & HEALTHY GUIDE.

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