Backyard Compost Bins and Rain Barrels Available to Southwest PA Residents

Posted by: Stacy Albin on June 10, 2020

Backyard composting and rainwater catchment are popular topics during the growing season, especially this year! With so many of us staying home this spring, we are seeing growing interest in gardening and all things related.

PRC’s conservation workshops, long offered at venues throughout southwestern and eastern Pennsylvania as in-person workshops, are now offered as webinars so that you may participate from the comfort of your own home. The ever-popular Backyard Composting, Watershed Awareness/Rain Barrel, and Recycling and Waste Reduction Workshops are now available as webinars. We love the in-person workshops that allow us to meet you face-to-face but concern for the health of our participants requires that we make appropriate adjustments.

The Backyard Composting and Recycling and Waste Reduction webinars will provide you with the tools to better manage your at-home waste while the Watershed Awareness/Rain Barrel webinar raises awareness of how the way that we live on the land affects the quality of water in our rivers and streams. It offers suggestions for things that we can all do in and around the home to reduce our impact on water quality and stormwater issues.. As we spend more time at home the impact of our at-home conservation efforts is that much greater.

Please note, we are now offering the Recycling and Waste Reduction Webinar to residents across the State and the Backyard Composting and Watershed Awareness/Rain Barrel Webinars regionally. The composting and rain barrel webinars are offered on a local basis to allow for the distribution of the 82- gallon compost bins and 55-gallon rain barrels to webinar participants. With Covid-19 guidelines and social distancing best practices in place, we will meet a few days after the webinar to distribute the bins and barrels. This will be done by appointment.

After registering for a webinar and making payment, you will receive a link to a calendar for the purpose of scheduling the date and time of your bin or barrel pick-up. Efforts have been made to secure distribution sites in various locations in the Greater Pittsburgh Area for your convenience.

Please visit the PRC webinar page at to view upcoming webinar schedules. We hope to (virtually) see you there!


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