Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on October 21, 2021

PRC’s Recycled Paper Cooperative – launched in 2020 to offer 100% recycled content paper at significant savings – is now partnering with Construction Junction to provide paper on demand.  Individuals and organizations can purchase paper by the ream (500 sheets) or by the case (10 reams) in store during regular business hours at Construction Junction, 214 N. Lexington St., Pittsburgh/Point Breeze.

PRC’s Paper Coop offers 100% recycled content white office paper at savings of 30% or more compared to market prices.

The Paper Coop also offers delivery and special sized paper for orders of one pallet (40 cases) or more. Contact the Coop directly at [email protected] for large orders.

“PRC is dedicated to building circular economies for Pennsylvania, and this program is a direct example of that commitment,” according to Ashley DiGregorio, PRC Recycling Markets Program and Grants Manager. “The paper sold through the Recycled Paper Coop is locally produced and 100% recycled.  The Coop purchases large volumes of 20-pound white office paper directly from a Pennsylvania paper mill and then passes on the savings to customers interested in maximizing resources and minimizing waste.”

Industry sources report that each ton of 100% recycled content paper purchased from the Coop preserves 24 trees and conserves 7,000 gallons of water, all while supporting local jobs.

For additional information, visit www.prc.org/papercoop or email [email protected].


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