Our Vision

A Pennsylvania where nothing is wasted

Our Mission

We steward resources to prevent waste and conserve the environment

Our History

One of the oldest environmental organizations in the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) has worked to protect Pennsylvania’s natural resources since 1939. Founded as Pennsylvania Roadside Council, the organization formed to address billboards and other forms of roadside blight associated with the newly commissioned Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In the 1950s, inspired by litter along the Turnpike, PRC led anti-litter campaigns, created the Litterbug, and helped launch prominent initiatives such as Keep America Beautiful and Lady Bird Johnson’s Beautification Act.

In the 1970s, PRC committed to resource stewardship and first engaged in large-scale recycling. To reflect the expanded mission, we changed our name to Pennsylvania Resources Council. In the 1980s, PRC committed to waste reduction, led the charge to enact Act 101 — the then groundbreaking legislation that established recycling across the state, and helped found Scenic America.

In the 1990s, PRC merged with GRIP (Group for Recycling in Pittsburgh) and became a leader for recycling and solid waste management in southwestern PA. In the 2000s we added environmental education and watershed protection to the mission.

Along the way, we have diverted nearly 18 million pounds of materials, educated 405,000+ people of all ages to steward the environment, diverted 6 million+ gallons of stormwater annually, engaged more than 4,000 businesses in waste reduction services, and helped to found pivotal organizations such as Green Building Alliance, Delaware Valley Green Building Council, Construction Junction, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, PA Recycling Markets Center, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, and the Southwest PA Glass Recycling Collaborative.

Today, we strive for a Pennsylvania where nothing is wasted. We hope you will join us.