Recycling Resources

Glass Recycling

Did you know? A glass bottle can go from recycling bin to store shelves in less than a month without ever leaving PA! Learn more and find out where to recycle glass near you.

Glass recycling

Recycling & Waste Reduction Video

Looking for the recycling basics? Learn about how the recycling process works (and doesn’t) and what we can do to support quality recycling and waste reduction in our own lives.

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Carton Recycling

Many favorite grocery standbys are packaged in gable top cartons or aseptic containers to preserve freshness. Follow the link below to find out if carton recycling is available in your area!

Carton recycling

Act 101 & The Future of PA Recycling

Recycling is the law here in PA! In 1988, Act 101 transitioned Pennsylvania from a system where only 2% of material was recycled to a system that now has 1,141 curbside recycling programs and 814 drop off recycling programs in the state. But recycling in PA still has a long way to go on the path to zero waste.

To meet current challenges, PRC and our partners reviewed best practices from jurisdictions around the Commonwealth, the country, and the world. We are proud to present 15 recommendations to modernize Pennsylvania’s recycling system.

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Sustainable Living

Household Hazardous Waste

Chemicals are an integral part of our lives. However, many of these chemical products contain hazardous ingredients that can harm us and our environment when they aren’t used, stored, and disposed of responsibly.

Armed with just a little extra knowledge, we can make safe, healthy decisions about the chemicals in our homes for a more sustainable future.

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Food Waste Reduction

One in every 11 Pennsylvanians is experiencing food insecurity, yet 40% of all food in America is wasted—and 40% of that waste comes from individual households! We all can make a direct impact by reducing our own food waste, which will grow to have local, regional, and global effects.

Learn how to eat well, save money and waste less with these easy, practical strategies for preventing and reducing food waste.

Stop food waste