Where is the Traveling Glass Bin headed next?

September 9-14 @ WHITE OAK PARK
2632 McClintock Rd, White Oak, PA 15131
hosted by Allegheny County

September 16-21 @ South FAYETTE
515 Millers Run Rd, Morgan, PA 15064
hosted by South Fayette

September 30-October 5 @ HERMITAGE
541 Mercer Avenue across from Morefield Cemetery
hosted by City of Hermitage 

October 7-12 @ NORTH PARK
North Park Swimming Pool Parking Lot, S Ridge Dr, Allison Park, PA 15101 
hosted by Allegheny County 

October 28-November 2 @ FINDLAY TOWNSHIP
Public Works Garage, 1058 Clinton Rd, Clinton, PA 15206
hosted by Findlay Township 

November 11-16 @ SOUTH PARK
VIP Lot, Corrigan Drive and 100 Acres Drive
hosted by Allegheny County 

These sites are open to the public, and users will not be turned away based on municipality of residence. If you are visiting the Traveling Glass Bin or a permanent drop-off coordinated by PRC, there are several things you should do to prepare.

What to Expect at the Traveling Glass Bin

  1. Week-long service in your area: The bin is available at the listed site for one week before moving to its next location, as published on our website and social media.
  2. Select hours of operation: Drop-off collection hours run Saturday through Thursday at every Traveling Bin site during daylight hours. The Traveling bin is not accessible on Fridays.
  3. Self-serve, contact-free collection: Volunteers and staff will NOT be available to deposit your glass for you. Anticipate having to deposit containers into the bin yourself (about 4 feet off the ground), or ask a family member or neighbor to assist.
  4. Bottles, jugs, and jars: Rinse and save your glass bottles, jars, and jugs in preparation for your visit. Color sorting is not required, and lids and labels may be left on the containers. For any glass items that do not fit this description, consult our Glass Recycling Collection Guide and learn about alternative options.
  5. Look for the “Big Blue Bin”: When you see the roofed CAP Glass bin, you know you’re in the right place for glass-only recycling collection.
  6. Take trash with you when leaving the site. Plastic bags, paper bags, and cardboard do not belong in the glass bin. Glass should be deposited in the bin loosely. Consider collecting your glass in reusable bins instead of plastic bags. And of course, don’t be a litterbug; take your containers or bags home for reuse or disposal!
  7. Ongoing monitoring: PRC will monitor sites remotely at all times and will make regular maintenance visits at the site throughout the week.
  8. Feel good about recycling properly, because glass from separated collections will be back on your store shelves in just a few months!

Best Practices

Bring protective equipment.  Depositing glass into the bin can be loud, so bring gloves and ear plugs if you’re concerned about this warning. In case of accidental glass breakage on the ground, always put your safety first and contact PRC about site cleanliness.

Only bring acceptable glass items. Be familiar with our accepted materials list and only bring container glass materials. You can find our Glass Collection Guide and alternatives for unaccepted materials, such as glass cookware and décor, here.

Place glass containers in the bin calmly and safely. It is never a good idea to throw glass into the bin, because broken glass is likely to splash back at you or others onsite. This can cause serious injury and is prohibited.

If you see something, say something. We must all do our part to keep recycling collections going. If you see evidence of illegal dumping, onsite hazards, or other concerning site conditions, contact PRC using information posted at the collection site and on our website.

Support PRC: Your donations and membership dollars go directly back into recycling and zero waste programs in your area.


If you have further questions about the Traveling Glass Bin or permanent drop-off sites please visit our program webpage or contact glass@prc.org. Contact your municipality to bring PRC’s glass recycling services to your community!