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PRC’s Recycling & Waste Reduction Program explores the world of waste with a focus on recycling in Pennsylvania. Learn about how the recycling process works and what we can do to support quality recycling and waste reduction in our own lives.

Rainwater harvesting is an effective, ecological and economical method for the conservation and protection of this precious natural resource. By catching, storing and re-directing your roof water for on-site usage you can take advantage of this free source of precious water.  Participants have the option of receiving a rain barrel with attendance

By utilizing the natural process of decomposition, organic materials often considered “waste,” such as grass clippings, food scraps, autumn leaves and even paper, can be recycled back into a rich soil conditioner.  This workshop thoroughly covers the importance of composting, setting up a compost pile, proper maintenance and ways of using finished compost. Participants have the option of receiving a compost bin with attendance.

Learn all about the what, how, and why we need to work toward zero waste in our landfills. Explore the waste stream and the many ways where trash can be diverted and how you can help! Creative ways to use unwanted items will be shown and discussed.

Toxins invade your home from many places, each causing the quality of the air and water in your home to be compromised. Learn how to avoid these toxins from entering in the first place and make your home environment safer and healthier. Participants will receive handouts for homemade facial ingredients, cleaning products, and pesticides. (In person option available in Eastern PA only).

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