PRC’s food waste reduction work is generously funded by the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh. To learn more about the incredible food waste projects The Posner Foundation funds regionally and around the world, click here

We Can Stop Food Waste

Learn how to eat well, save money and waste less with these easy, practical strategies for preventing and reducing food waste. Click the images to access PDFs for viewing and download.

Hungry for more?

Put your food waster reduction strategies to the test with the Waste Warriors Family Food Waste Challenge! Track your food waste at each chosen meal, set a goal to improve, and then see how you do. After you reach your goal, continue exploring the wonderful world of food with more fun and tasty activities included.
Download the challenge

Did you complete your food waste challenge? Print your certificate here!

What else is cooking?

Take your organic waste reduction to the next level with one of PRC’s conservation workshops.