Zero Waste Programs

PRC makes available the wide ranging expertise of our staff through specialized consulting services. We strive to provide clients with practical solutions which are considerate of their unique settings and circumstances. Beyond our professional staff we have access to a wide variety subject matter experts which greatly expand our capacity. We have executed projects for clients from small community events to large municipal governments.

PRC’s strategic areas of focus for Technical Assistance include:

  • Event Greening Strategies and Zero Waste Event Services
  • Local Government Recycling and Composting Program Development, Expansion, and Evaluation
  • Business Waste Diversion Assistance
  • Waste Diversion and Recycling Education Resource Creation
  • Public Policy Analysis

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Glass Technical Assistance

PRC has worked to return glass recycling to Southwestern PA since 2019. Over the last four years we have worked hand in hand with local governments, haulers, and glass manufacturers to provide varying levels of glass recycling infrastructure. PRC continues to grow a network of source separated glass recycling hubs in PA and can assist your community in doing the same.

  • Traveling Glass Bins
  • Permanent Glass Collection Systems
  • Glass Recycling Education
  • 902 grant writing support

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Act 101 Grants

PRC has assisted many counties, municipalities and councils of government with Act 101 PA State recycling grants. PRC is available to assist with program development, grant writing, data collection and analysis.

Act 101 created four grant programs — each with a specific purpose and set of incentives:

  • 901 – Planning Grants. This program directly funds “80% of the approved cost” of complying with the planning requirements of Act 101.
  • 902 – Grants for the development and implementation of municipal recycling programs. 902 grants support equipment, education, and the development of markets for recycling.
  • 904 – Performance Grants for municipal recycling programs. 904 grants serve as a bounty on recycling, with the State offering a set dollar amount per ton of recycling which is collected and marketed from within a municipality’s boundaries.

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