Posted by: Mary Beth Mueller on May 4, 2023

PRC recently launched a watershed education initiative in western Pennsylvania that has the potential to remove nearly 3 million gallons of water annually from the stormwater system.

Thanks to support from American Water Charitable Foundation/Pennsylvania American Water, PRC is conducting a series of workshops, distributing 100 free rain barrels, and offering a discount for household chemical disposal.

“Many sources of pollution start in our own backyards, so PRC’s instruction addresses common sources such as lawn and garden care, car care, pet care, household chemical disposal and litter,” according to PRC Deputy Director Sarah Alessio Shea. “We are excited to promote water conservation and stormwater management practices in PA American Water service areas.”

In addition to receiving information on basic storm water runoff and watershed conservation, workshop participants learn the benefits of installing their free 55-gallon rain barrels in urban and surburban settings.

“If 100 homes with a 1000-square-foot base install these rain barrels, nearly three million gallons of water will be removed from the stormwater system annually, resulting in reduced flooding, reduced polluted runoff, and increased groundwater recharge,” says Shea.

To further encourage residents to protect the watershed, PRC is providing a $10 discount to workshop participants to encourage responsible disposal of household chemicals by attending a PRC collection event.  Throughout the year, PRC will host eight such collections.

The Watershed Pollution Reduction Education program launched April 15 at a workshop in Fayette County.  Two workshops are taking place in Allegheny County in May, with additional workshops to be announced.

CLICK HERE to learn more about PRC watershed protection efforts.