Posted by: Stacy Albin on August 10, 2020

While surveys show that more than 90% of residents believe glass recycling is important, many municipalities recently have lost – or will lose – glass recycling as a part of curbside collection.  PRC remains committed to seeking local government and commercial partners to revitalize glass recycling through regional collaboration.

 “Based on overwhelming demand from residents, local governments and the glass industry, PRC works with numerous partners who recognize that recycled glass is in high demand and want to provide recycling collection services for residents,” according to PRC Environmental Program Coordinator Ashley DiGregorio.  “Our programs ensure that glass is not trash, even if it can no longer be put out for curbside recycling in numerous municipalities due to recent changes in waste haulers’ contracts.”

PRC’s new Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program – which provides a weeklong service, free to residents, that rotates through a variety of locations in western Pennsylvania – offers residents a safe method for recycling glass while eliminating the need to interact with other individuals or touch shared surfaces.  Individuals can drop off glass bottles, jars, and jugs of all colors (no color sorting required) during daylight hours Saturday through Thursday at a designated site.



PRC is actively seeking glass recycling partners!

The Traveling Glass Bin is a week-long “rental” of PRC’s glass collection container with maintenance and hauling services included. Think of it as temporary glass recycling infrastructure that your community can invest in for a modest fee.

This turnkey program can be booked for a single appearance or on a recurring schedule such as quarterly.  PRC coordinates site identification, container delivery and transportation of collected material.

CLICK HERE to learn how to bring glass recycling to your community.

If you’re a citizen living in a neighborhood no longer collecting glass curbside, bring this program to the attention of your municipal manager!


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